I’m Darrke.

It’s a pen name. This is that other side of me that I don’t let just anybody see.

I’m 50… something. I think I’m experiencing menopause. It’s not as bad as people say. So maybe it’s not really the real deal.

I used to be the most liberal person I knew. Then I moved to Portland, OR and my whole self-image is up in the air. It took meeting other extremely liberal people to get in touch with my conservative side. Maybe I’m just disagreeable?

I’ve been married 4 times. And divorced again and again. I have two kids and live with a man that I’m not married to.

I grew up in a pretty religious family – but now I’m an agnostic with a tendency to get out of bed on the atheist side most days. Just when I think I’ve left all that stuff about God behind, I’ll wake up on the other side.