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John Delaney

Together we are on a mission. We are on a mission to find the America that has been lost. Lost through infighting, lost through inaction. We're so much better than this. We are a country that used to do things. We saved the world. We created the American dream for millions of people like myself: the grandson of immigrants, the son of a union electrician who went on to become a successful business leader and create thousands of jobs. But we did these things with real solutions, not with impossible promises, and those are the roots we have to get back to. I'm running for president to solve these problems, to build infrastructure, to fix our broken healthcare system, to invest in communities that have been left behind, to improve public education. I don't want to be your president just to be your president. I want to be your president to do the job.This is not about me, this is about getting America working again.

Source: MSNBC Democratic Primary Debate #1 (June 26, 2019)

Economic Stimulus

My dad was an electrician. he worked with his hands. We didn't talk about politics much at the dinner table, except for one thing. He said if you care bout the workers, you vote democrat. That was our party - and we gotta get back to that. We've got to be the party that puts forth common sense solutions, not impossible promises.

Source: South Carolina Democratic Convention (June 2019)

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Health Care

Most of all, we need a president who is committed to creating universal healthcare in the United States of America, where everyone gets healthcare as a basic right of citizenship. No American should be worried about whether they can pay for their insulin, or worry about their children's healthcare, or worry that when they make a decision about healthcare they may be signing up to bankrupt themselves. My plan, Better Care, gives every American healthcare as a right, it invests in communities and insures that we have high-quality healthcare. It puts money against basic research so we can cure cancer and cure Alzheimers. And it gives the American people what they want, which is choices. That is the best way forward on universal health care.

Source: Iowa Democratic Hall of Fame (May 2019)

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Calling for the implementation of a carbon tax and dividend, investing in negative emissions technology that will remove carbon from the atmosphere, and increasing the renewable energy research budget 5x, Delaney proposes the creation of the Climate Corps. The Climate Corps would be part of his National Service Program and would provide opportunities for recent high school graduates to work in low-income urban and rural communities.

Source: Candidate Website

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